Step 5: Ask Alexa to Show Camera

After successfully adding your camera feed to your account in the Monocle portal, enabling and linking the Monocle Alexa Skill and discovering devices via the Alexa App you can now test your camera feeds by asking Alexa to show your camera by name.

Any of the following utterance patterns should work consistently. Please note there are other patterns that will work, but these are the Alexa® sanctioned utterances for accessing camera video feeds.

  • (Alexa,) show (my/the) (device name) (camera/camera feed/feed)
  • (Alexa,) show (my/the) feed from (my/the) (device name) (camera/camera feed/feed)
  • (Alexa,) hide (my/the) (device name) (camera/camera feed/feed/)
  • (Alexa,) hide (my/the) feed from (my/the) (device name) (camera/camera feed/feed)

If you run into any difficulty getting your cameras working, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Troubleshooting Guide