Is My Camera Exposed to the Internet?


Does Monocle expose my camera to the Internet?


We take the security of your camera feeds very seriously and carefully consider security with each enhancement and update. Monocle was designed around the core concept that the video and audio feeds from your cameras remain private and local to your network. Monocle adopts the following principals for audio and video traffic.

  • Monocle does not expose any audio or video data to the Internet.
  • Monocle does not provide any tunnels into your private network.
  • Monocle employees can not access your camera's audio or video feeds.

The guidelines listed above assume that you only configure Monocle with local IP addresses or locally resolvable host names for your cameras on your private network and these addresses are not publicly resolveable. Monocle is not responsible for the privacy of your camera feeds if you use publicly resolvable IP addresses or DNS hostnames to access your cameras.