Troubleshooting Guide


The following troubleshooting topics were created to assist users in acquiring and verifying the necessary camera feed information required for Amazon Alexa devices to access your camera stream. These topics demonstrate a means of independantly testing and verifying your camera stream outside of the Monocle platforms so you can be assured that the stream is working properly before attempting to test with Alexa via Monocle.

Troubleshooting Topics:

Please read and attempt the following troubleshooting topics in order to validate your configuration and camera feed.

Known Issues:

If you are using a Foscam, ReoLink, D-Link or Sricam camera, please see this page for a potential workaround:

Monocle Gateway

If attempting to use an Amazon FireTV 4K Stick, Amazon FireTV 4K (3rd generation) or Amazon FireTV Cube (1st generation) then please see the Supported Alexa Devices page for additional details to work with these devices.
Supported Alexa Devices

Known Limitations:

The Amazon Echo Spot, Toshiba FireTV and FireTV Stick(non-4K) are limited to streaming IP camera video resolutions at 1080P (1920x1080) and below.