How Is My Information Protected?


How does Monocle protect my personal information and data?


We take the security of your private information very seriously and carefully consider security and privacy with each enhancement and update. Monocle adopts the following guidelines for protecting your privacy and personal information.

  • Monocle stores your account credentials using one-way encrypted hashing algorithms.
  • Monocle stores camera feed access credentials fully encrypted.
  • Monocle does conduct ALL communications with personal information over the Internet using HTTPS/SSL secure communication.

To deliver the service, Monocle must share the following information with your Amazon Alexa account:

  • Camera Feed URLs
  • Camera Access Credentials
  • Camera Configuration Metadata (codecs, resolution, etc.)

This information is shared only over encrypted channels with the Alexa service.

If you camera supports multiple user accounts, we strongly suggest that you create a dedicated user account with view only permissions for Monocle and Alexa to use to display your camera feeds.