Test & Validate Your RTSP URL

Once you have the RTSP URL for your camera, you might be tempted to jump directly into Monocle and setup your camera’s RTSP URL and test it out with your Alexa device. There is a good chance this work work, but we suggest that you first validate the RTSP URL using a desktop software like VLC (https://www.videolan.org/vlc/).

QUESTION I tested the video stream from the camera using the manufacturers web site, desktop software or mobile app. Is this good enough?
ANSWER No. The manufacturer does not always use the RTSP feed for their own app. Often they use a custom, proprietary and highly optimized feed for their own apps.

Using VLC, you can access your camera’s RTSP stream using the File > Open Network menu item.

Next, enter your RTSP URL in the “URL” field and then click the OPEN button.

Please note, if your camera requires a username and password to access the video stream, VLC will prompt you for the username and password or you can embed the access credentials directly into the RTSP URL like this:


Once VLC has successfully connected to your camera stream, it will display the video stream in a new window.