My Camera is Not Working with Alexa?


I have configured my camera in Monocle, but Alexa is not able to display the camera feed?


We have put together a Troubleshooting Guide to help you walk through the process of validating and testing your camera feed indepedant of Monocle and Alexa to ensure that your camera feed is confirmed to be working and does have the required audio and video codecs.

Also note that there are some camera that only work using the proxy service and a few that refuse to work at all with Alexa. Please see our supported cameras topic for additional information on camera requirements and specific camera models:

Known Issues:

!! The Monocle service is not currently working on Amazon FireTV 4K (3rd generation) devices. We are aware of the issue and working on a solution. Please check back soon.

If you are using a Foscam or ReoLink camera, please see this page for a potential workaround:

Proxy Server Workaround

Known Limitations:

The Amazon Echo Spot and FireTV Stick are limited to streaming IP camera video resolutions at 1080P (1920x1080) and below.